Friday, December 28, 2007

Almost new years!!!!

So I will start off with this blog and write about...well me. I am not vain really. As long as I can remember I have been over weight. Fat, phat, chubby, plus-sized, voluptuous, big, wide, heavy, fluffy, big boned, full of wobbly bits...what ever word you want to use I have been that for most my life.

I have tried many diets and all would work until my resolve would end and the weight would pile back. The only thing that worked for me was low carb. Back in 2002 I lost weight. I was past 300 pounds on a 5'5 frame. I had the opposite of anorexic...where you look in the mirror and all you see is yourself fat.....well I looked in the mirror at my heaviest and I though....not bad!!! I did not see myself as really Phat......I then saw pictures that were taken at a friends wedding...damn. It came crashing down on me......I AM FLUFFY. It was hard to see that pic...but at that time I read a book called the Atkins diet and this wonderful book opened my eyes up to healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with food. This book helped me lose over 100 lowest weight I got to was 195 and damn I looked good!

So what happened you ask?

I stopped low carb because I was given a lot of flack for it. I was told it was not healthy and to try weight watchers or something more balanced instead. Low fat and Sugar is more balanced? Ummm ok. So I did and fast forward to 2007 my weight hovers on the 280 pound mark. I am almost to square one since my 2002 outstanding weight loss! I am uncomfortable in my body. My energy is gone. All I want to do is sleep and rest when I come home. I have gone to the Doctor (s) and they say I have PCOS which is a metabolic disorder. So not only am I heavy and unhappy, I have a disorder. Great. End scene.

So instead of becoming a depressed PCOS metabolic disorder (even more chubby) person I am deciding to do something about it. I am going to start eating low carb. This time it is a lifestyle and not a diet. I need to be healthy and strong. I just got engaged recently and I plan to stay with this man for the rest of my life (I pray to God it will be a lot of time) and eating low carb, staying at a healthy weight will definitely put the odds in my favor.