Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 2 finished!!!!

So I have done day 2 and I am happy to report I am a 100% low carbing woman! I know I did not mention in my other blogs but my weight in day is officially Thurs, I am curious to see what 2 days of low carbing lost me.....but I know I should wait the whole week.


B=Low carb pizza (sooo good) 4 carbs

L= Diet soda.....not hungry (I ate a big slice of low carb pizza for breakfast)

snack: Low carb coconut bar= 3carbs

D= Low carb spaghetti......Made with dream field pasta 6 carbs

So 13 carbs today and still working on my last two glasses of water, for a total of 8 glasses. Yay me!!!