Thursday, January 3, 2008

I been gone, but now I am back

Ok.......I am here!

Well I had my first day of work today after a week and a half off. I have been doing low carb 80% to 20% junk. I am working on this 20%. It is harder to start and stay on path...but I know after just a few days of giving it my all, I will be a A+ low carber.

So far my life has been busy. Mer. I have had so much to do that today I forgot to pack a lunch. This is bad for a hungry trying to low carb person. I learned a valuable lesson. One must prepare ahead of time their meals and their snacks. Make eating low carb much easier.

So tomorrow I am ready with my low carb lunch made, and wrapped neatly in foil. I have a low carb smoothie planned out...that will just take a min to Blend up in my Health Master 100.....I love Jack Lalanne......he makes great products!

Ahhhhh...exciting! I received my book order from Amazon. I ordered three low carb books all by Dana Carpender. I have looked over them for a good hour and I am very excited to try the recipes. I had an old book of her's the first one out (500 low carb recipes )back in the day when I did low carb the 1st time. But alas it is in my storage wasteland.....with all my other cool books. I am tempted to go dig the books out.....but I am also tempted to be lazy.