Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Perfect

I am not perfect and I am fine with that. I been going back through my food journals today and realized that habits are hard to change. It has taken me this long (3 weeks) to eat a low carb lifestyle, with only a few pitfalls. But in this 3 weeks with all my imperfections I still managed to lose 6 pounds and two inches off my waist (enter applause)

I have done low carb in the past and lost quite a bit.......I did my two week induction and I kept going strong even if it meant going hungry. I was a machine of will power and diligence. Fast forward to now, I am a few years older and a lot busier and I refuse to go hungry (I have done that to myself to many times) so if low carb food is not available I try to pick the least damaging item.........usually whole grains. I don't recommend not having any low carb options. Planning is key with low carb and well....any diet.

But as I was looking back at my food journal I realized that I am making progress. At first all I saw were the meals that I ate that made me go over in carbs. I was about to do the old guilt trip on myself. I was in the process of mentally beating myself up over the "mistakes" I had made in eating, when reason set in. I am not perfect. I am doing better than I was doing before eating low carb. I was gaining weight! Now I am losing weight, and even if it is a bit at a time I am losing weight. As much as I wish I was 100 pounds slimmer by morning, I know it does not work that way. It will take time, forgiving myself and loving myself and eating low carb consistently.