Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend mishaps........

So this weekend was good. I was very busy as I had family from out of town show up. It was so much fun to see everyone. I had a blast. We all met at my sisters house. We chatted and played with the kids for hours.

Then it was time to eat dinner and as a family tradition a stop to the local pizza joint was in order.........I was so hungry by then. I planned to just have a salad with plenty of eggs for the protein full feel........well the salad bar was a joke! It had hardly any "good" veggies and the eggs were slimy and just plan ole gross. So being hungry still, I had three slices of pizza, on thin crust. Mer.

Fast forward to Sunday and I ate another meal of course.....this one was really bad. I had down fall, my weakness, my Achilles heel. I had a piece of cheesecake....ahhhh, I was annoyed with myself because I could have made myself cheesecake low carb style. There so many great recipes on the web. Then I had...more pizza! Ahhhhhh I knew I should not let my honey take home any left overs........ Oh well, I know I am not perfect, but I am not giving up. I am just going to put the two meals behind me and today I have started fresh and am fighting a headache. I swear sugar withdrawal does a number on me!