Friday, March 21, 2008

Back to the plan as of now!

So yeah, on the top is a pic of what I have become! I have not been low carbing as I have been sick, and though I still have coughing fits. I am feeling better.

It is time for me to stop the carbs in my life. I feel like I am back to square one. It is ok, as I knew I would gain weight eating carbs cause my body loves to make my carbs in to excess weight!

I know illness is not an excuse ( I was very sick)

So back to induction as of now. I mean it and I swear it to anyone that reading this I Cecilia will start my induction period now on March 21st, 2008 at 2:53pm. I will eat a low carb dinner followed by various low carb meals, and will continue to eat so til I lose this extra weight, and then go on to maintenance.

To tell everyone the truth I am a bit peeved at myself. Low carb is not hard so why am I making it hard? I am not sure. I am sure it is all psychological . I am comfy in my skin, and bulk I love me. Yet in the same breath I am uncomfortable and unhappy with whats wrong with me and why do I feel like I am jumping on another roller coaster of up and downs in weight loss.


So I am sitting myself down and having a heart to heart. When I tell myself I can change myself and it might be hard at first but in reality if I just take some extra time and preparation I am not missing out on anything. I can have what I "normally would eat, carb filled" made into low carb goodness. It is so very possible and has been done. By me back in 2003 and by many now.

This way of eating is not hard, it takes some getting used to at first but after the first week it is easier. So I am doing some tough love with myself right now. I am making a list of three main reasons why I am low carbing. Reason one, for my health. Reason two, for my looks (I can fit better in clothes...ect.) Reason three, when I have children (hopefully in about three years) I want to be healthy for them...before they come out of me and after :)


iheartchocolate said...

I hate the up and down. Easter was very hard for me. I did not even lick a chocolate bunny! Still, I have gained about two pounds! I was out of ketososis for about a day, I had a spoonful of peanutbutter and a tiny amount of popcorn at the movies. Really, a tiny amount! And I was out. Just like that. Don't be discouraged...we can get back on the wagon together!

cc1sillygoose said...

Don't you hate that! I eat about two handfulls of popcorn and I gain (kid you not) two pounds too....I defin back on plan and we can both do this!