Monday, March 10, 2008

Change of plans.....

So I am still sick, and I am home, bored and feeling like carp. I have been surfing the blogging world and doing something I have not had much of a chance to do....catch up and reading new blogs that are low carb related. There is so much awesome low carbing people out there! Makes me smile! Wish they were all my neighbors! lol

So while reading about fellow low carbers strengths and ideas, I to had an idea. Since I have PCOS and at the moment kinda still in denial that I have PCOS and will not follow up with my doc about it. I know I need to......she offered medicine to me.....but I declined and decided to self treat through my diet and exercise. She was ok with this. I think I need to make a follow up apt. She will be proud with my weight loss. But I hate going to the Dr's! I am from a large family and the only reason you went to the Dr's is if you were broken or bleeding. My mom is a Nurse so she nursed us all back into health for all the minor things.

Oh yeah....went off on a tangine......My new idea is (it is so simple) is to keep low carbing simple. No more frankinfood for a few weeks, though I love my thinkthin bars, Atkins chocolate bars and my low carb dream fields pasta, and low carb tortillas, and sugar free candy...I having a feeling my favorite friends are keeping me back.

I am going to go back to 20 net carbs on "real" foods. This will be a challenge for me, because my days I look back are made up of frankin foods. Low carb shakes, and bars and always have low carb tortillas.......those make eating low carb bearable in the beginning for me. But I am tired of the slow weight loss. Though I am fighting against my body (anyone with PCOS can tell ya!) I know eventually my body and I will see eye to eye. WHooosh.......then all my extra weight will be gone. That is the plan anyways :)


iheartchocolate said...

Good luck with it! I know first hand how addictive that stuff is...You can DO it!

cc1sillygoose said...

Thanks! I am trying really hard not to eat frankenfoods. It is hard to change ones habits but so far so good!