Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So it is official I have bronchitis again. Went to the Dr. Lady today and got an inhaler (breathing is important) and some special cough medicine. Tonight I will be able to sleep. Good news!

Bad news I am out from work for the rest of the week. I tried going back to work today, but after two hours my boss told me to go home and suggested I get a Dr apt. As my cough sounded horrible. She is always right!
I hate going to the doctors...but they always give me meds that do help make me feel better. So I called and the apt that was available was not til the eve at 6:45pm. I am glad I went. She took a listen to my lungs agreed with me that I could not really breathe, and gave me a breathing treatment. My first! Anyhow she did not want to put me on antibiotics as I have been on them recently (bout of bronchitis one) and she felt that would destroy my already fragile immune system. I listen to her cause she is smart and went to school way to long for me not to listen.

As far as low carb. Fiance is cooking and he actually buys out.......then heats so a non low carb day. Hoping I have strength enough tomorrow to get back into cooking and low carb. I hate taking a day off....but today was one of those days.


iheartchocolate said...

SOrry you were sick, I sure hope you are feeling better by now.