Sunday, April 13, 2008


Low carb diets are out there in so many forms.......There is Atkins, South Beach Protein Power, and the list goes on. My dilemma is I am getting a lil bored with Atkins and I started to read up on other low carb diets out there. What I found is there are many and are similar yet different in about ten or so ways. I am not going to do a complete run down as it has been done a million or so times out there.

My findings lead me to believe that the two best low carb diets out there (for me) are Atkins and South Beach. I know I need to move myself past the induction phase of Atkins. But South Beach offers something I enjoy and need at some points of my life, whole wheat. Yes I am a breadie person. I am a addict to bread and all it entails. If I could I would eat bread all day, warm with butter and toasted with jam.......made in to a pizza. Yes I am a fool for bread......We have a love hate relationship. I love to eat it, I hate how quickly I gain weight from eating it.

As I type I am pulling a pizza (on real bread) out of the oven. Please do not judge. I am low carbing but when it is around my (lets call it) Woman time, I do three days of high carbing, otherwise my body will scream, and I would be left without a fiance. So on three days out of the month I let my cravings do the talking. I still lose weight. Yes it does make it go slower for awhile, but in the long run it keeps me sane and happy. Some months I need to do it, and other months I don't. This month it is a must.

So which brought me to look into other low carb diets. I miss my grapes and in South Beach phase two you can have a serving of fruit three times a day. Atkins you can have fruit to but it better be berries or cantaloupe. See my dilemma. I am also very fond of yogurt. Yes I can have yogurt on Atkins but it must be plain whole yogurt. I want the convenience of yogurt with flavors in the lil containers. Which South Beach allows, as long as the yogurt is light or low fat. And before anyone tells me this....I know there is low carb yogurt available in fruit flavors and lil bright happy containers. They discontinued them from our Safeway here in Northern California (the jerks!). I have literally scoured the area in hopes to find my beloved yogurt. It is times like this that city living would not be so bad.....I just know my low carb yogurt moved to the city!

So I have been hemming and hawing...over my issue and what I decided was to stick to Atkins and move a level up. I can have my berries and whole yogurt splash of SF strawberry syrup in my own lil plastic containers ( I will make it the night before). I will buy low carb bread and tortillas and I am sure these small changes will spice up my diet. Plus there are some great low carb pizza recipes out there. My favorite is cauliflower pizza dough, filling and makes a great low carb meal. As much as the grass is looking greener on the other side, my loyalty prevails. Atkins has got me down ( a lot) in weight. The only reason I am back to this weight now is because I stopped eating a low carb healthy lifestyle....never again! I may take small breaks in my journey, but I will always eat low carb.

The thing with Atkins is one must plan. There is no real convenience food out there. I know that I personally love the fact that I can stick something frozen in the oven and be eating 20 min later with no prep or cleaning. Yet a change to a healthy lifestyle does take a bit more time, and planing, yet it is so worth it.


The Bionic Broad said...

Everyone is different, as we all know, and every low-carb plan, no matter whose it is, needs to be tailored to fit each person. You don't need to apologize to anyone. You're doing great, you write a great blog, and are making lifestyle changes that will reap great rewards. Besides, anyone who criticizes your WOE is too uptight and needs a dose of Metamucil!

iheartchocolate said...

Ohh Pizza, oh how I do envy you. Kind of, I know I would gane 10 lbs over night. Because I am fairly sure I could eat an entire papa john's by myself! BUT, for me, I keep it really simple, I mean S-I-M-P-L-E. I think I mentioned it before, I found smoked brats in the hot dog section. What an easy thing to microwave in a hurry. I love them! Good luck girl!

cc1sillygoose said...

LOL Bionic Broad you are to funny.Plus I agree with you 100%!

cc1sillygoose said...

Iheartchocolate....I did good I only ate three slices...ummmm ok....The truth is I had to share the frozen pizza and it was smaller and half was three pieces lol otherwise Yeah a whole papa johns. I need to try the smoked brats....I need to go grocery shopping!!!

Emzi said...

I understand that people like structure and with following a specific "plan" you have just that. I don't follow a specific plan.

To me, I think what is most important is just knowing what I can and cannot eat/have. So, with that I'll give myself an allowance of carbs for the day and go from there.

I think it really helps me with the stress of staying specifically "on plan." If I'm following my food list then I should be on the right track!

Good Luck with finding the right plan for you! :)

PS I love yogurt too. Dannon Light & Fit has a Carb & Sugar control variety sweetened with Splenda . They are quite tastey!