Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Low carb and loving it...............

I am totally sticking to low carb and my energy is reaching the tree tops!!! After a few months of heee hawin half arsed doing low carb eating. I am doing 100% low carb eating without obsessing about sugar and breadie things. I feel great and I feel satisfied with my meals. Here is a day of Cecilia's oh so good for you induction menu (excuse the excessive egg consumption, I adore eggs)


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with butter

Snack: small handful of sunflower seeds

Lunch: 4 deviled eggs = two large eggs spruced up :)

Snack: Sugar free Jello......strawberry cause it is good

Dinner: Oopsie roll with salami and mayo, cheese and mustard.....can I get a woot woot!!!

Okay so I never heard of oopsie rolls until about two weeks ago. I was reading low carb blogs from some awesome fellow low carbers when I ran across Cleochatra low carb blog. She is hilarious!!! That and she has some awesome recipes on her blog that just make my toes tingle. I tried her oopsie roll recipe and it is a god send!!! You can check out her blog, and great original and yummy recipes here: http://cleochatra.blogspot.com/2008/01/sailor-scouts-make-my-revol-oopsie.html

All I can say is wow! These rolls allow me to eat a hamburger in my hands!!!! The rolls are great for making a sandwich to take to work, and they taste sooooo good. I give this recipe a hug and a huge kiss!

The journal I purchased from Amazon to track my low carb eating has been doing it's job. It is Dana Capendars Weight Loss Tracker. Now that I am focusing and writing what I am eating makes me (oddly) very aware of what I put in my mouth. If you are having any low carb eating struggles....whether it be not keeping track of carbs eaten or steps taken, or water (drunken?) This lil book has made me a very aware and faithful low carb eater. That and it keeps track of cool things like your weight, what supplements one is taking. Only complaint is it is small and it is hard for me to write in between the lines....I write medium size....So I stopped writing in between the lines and I am happier now.

Happy Low carbing!!!


iheartchocolate said...

Fantastic! I have to check those out!

So happy for you, WAY to go.

Trigger said...

Nice picture of Punka