Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trying something new......

I am trying new things. So far in the working out section of re-vamping my body...I have starting tomorrow I am implementing Body for Life Program (workouts). First one will start Monday. This is a pretty cool the vast array of diet books I have in my library this one caught my eye today.

Yes folks it is time I moved more.

As far as the diet, I can not lie...I am having a hard time doing a 20 net carbs. Not sure why. So I am going to add back more (good) carbs and see how my body responds. I will be eating more berries, adding (at least once in awhile) Gasp.....whole grains....just every so often. I will report back on this new plan in two weeks. If I gain...first thing I will do is cut back on the carbs...I am putting my carbs between 50 grms and more occasionally. Wish me luck!!!


iheartchocolate said...

I have been having a hard time myself...sneaking spoonfuls of peanut butter and then wondering why the stick isn't pink. I have to work out these kinks too. Also, I haven't gotten on my bike since week one or two when I bought it! I need to move more too.