Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bomb threats, stumbling, and life.

The other day the University I work at got a bomb threat (or close to) Someone called in a strange box sighting in two buildings and the whole university was at a uproar (rightly so) The adviser's left our building to make sure students would not pass the "caution tape". There was bomb specialist, police, sheriff and important officials waiting on the outcome of the "bomb sweeps". What a surreal day that was. I was in the office and a few students were there as well, and I kept the mood light. We had a few laughs and I put to the side of my mind the bomb.

It is a small university after all, and my gut was saying "this is going to turn out to be OK" I figured someone is just having mental issues due to finals week. Boy was I right. The "bombs" turned out to be a prank....a Prank!? Three students left the boxes up in odd places....one with an actual threatening note which said “I will destroy your city.” Apparently the three student thought this would be funny and interesting. It was not. So yeah yesterday was quite the day.

On my low carb news I did a update on You tube: You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiNd21Nr4JQ

On that note today I had a staff retreat to go to. Which was pretty cool, and the food was well....great...yeah....on that note I did a bit of stumbling today. Today was not a low carb day for me and I feel bad about it. Yet in the same breath I will continue in my low carb journey. I been having a hard month this May in sticking to lower carbs. I hate struggling, and stumbling. I have a calender on May and stickers on the days I stay low carb, and pink X's where I did not eat low carb.....Lets just say I see a lot more pink then I would like to. I need more stickers!!! So mini goal.....is to get back on track. To keep the carb monster within me calm and to get back to the point (through low carb eating) where carbs do not interest me. It has happened to me before and what an amazing feeling not to want bread, sugar, and sweets. I will get back to that point soon. I just need two solid weeks of really low carb eating to get my cravings under control. This I know can be done :)


iheartchocolate said...

It is getting tough for me too. My daughter's birthday cake, I had to eat it. It only took me a day and a half to get back into ketosis. (I also ate a huge chocolate bar and two chocolate poptarts) BUT oh are you RIGHT about the carbs = cravings! The hardest part was stopping in my tracks to get back on board. MAN it was hard. I literally fantasized about all the things I could eat since I was already cheating! Back on now, I am scared to weigh in tomorrow.

cc1sillygoose said...

I hear you. My weigh in is on the 15th and I wish and hope I do not report a gain (gasp) That would definitely suck. Well Cheers to getting back on track! I am right there with you!!!