Wednesday, June 4, 2008

44444.......miles my car hit this morning

I am so excited, and I forgot to even mention it here in my own darn blog! The last month or so, I was one of the winners of Jimmy Moore’s Blog anniversary contest. So I just got my prize book in the mail about a week ago, and I have devoured it well almost all of it, I am half way through the book already

The book is called Real Food (what to eat and why) by Nina Planck. All I can say is WOW. It has opened my mind up about what I am eating and why……Definitely a must read. This book has made me want to start shopping for local grass fed meat and buying local cheese products and making sure I eat “real food”. I am going to try an experiment on myself. Starting tomorrow I am adding back some whole foods and still being doing low carb…but not Atkins so much. I am doing this as I am not succeeding in weight loss.

My Body is freaking out at the moment. I have PCOS…which is not fun, and all my hormones are out of whack. I have not been losing weight, have not been having my "woman time" (I have been maintaining). I have been adding more exercise in my day as well and eating low carb 80% of the time. I am a bit fed up with my lack of weight loss…so meh is how I am feeling. But I know I will do this.

I am starting some thing new. I am starting to tell my brain to shut up. Every time I have a negative thought….I redirect it and put a positive thought there. I did not realize how many times a day I negative self talked, untill I am trying this new positive self talk. I in general do have a positive out look on life….but my thoughts on myself do not always mirror that, and that is not good for ones moral. So I have been telling myself that I AM LOSING WEIGHT, and that everything will be OK. So hopefully next weight in June 15th I will see some weight loss.


iheartchocolate said...

I know it can get discouraging. I had a few weeks where I lost nothing and it tried my patience and nerves. Good luck to you.

J. said...

Have you looked into Vitex for the pcos? I don't have that but it has been able to normalize my progesterone. Do a search for vitex and pcos - there's lots of information.