Friday, June 6, 2008

Fitflop, Long hair, feeling good :)

So I sold some stuff on eBay and then bought myself some more stuff that I really wanted......First Purchase was my beloved fitflops...... I wore them today and they are ohhhh so comfortable and stylish, and my back did not hurt!!! Plus it made my feet look But the best part is when I walk it is supposed to make me like wonder woman and make my butt and legs kick a@@.

Next purchase off the eBay money was my craft Mate tote.

I have a large bead collection. I have been beading since I was twelve, yeah.....and I am almost thirty. I have a ton of beads, and the ton was very disorganized. So I need a great organizational tool and the craft mates product was my saving grace. Yay for craft mates. They rock, and make me happy. My honey (the sweet man that he is) surprised me with a craft mate binder that is purple today (out of the blue, he must of noticed that craft mates make me happy)

......guess what I spent the evening doing? Organizing my beads......I am definitely making some jewelry tomorrow. Now that I can see what kind of beads I have easily, without digging around for hours for the beads I know I have but not quite sure where I last left them. It can make me quite grumpy searching for beads I know exist, but not sure where. Now I am organized and non grumpy. I can create without the hassle.

So now for the foodie stuff. I am sorry for the many times I am using the word stuff. I just really like the word and it describes "stuff" so well. So back to the foodie stuff...yeah. I am still a low carber who does not shun healthy fats.....but I am a low carber who eats high fiber bread, and natural sugar free more splenda...only sometimes. This is the sugar free sugar I use. I can not pronounce it but I got it from the health food store and mine comes in fancy lil packets that make me feel important as I rip off the top and poor the powdery sweetness into my coffee. I am cool. Yes, really.

I am trying to eat more real organic foods. The book I am reading (previous blog) "Real foods" is definitely making a impact on me.

It just all makes too much sense. To sum it up....You are what you eat. I rather be a happy cow eating grass in a pasture, than an unhappy cow cramped in an industrial cage with growth hormones and antibiotics injected in to me. Not a pretty picture. What is also not so pretty is that I ate that meat (and had no idea) the impact it has on my health. Hmmmmmmm. This is definitely the top number one thing I did not even think about when it came to eating meat. I know organic food and meats that are grass fed are a lil more money, but my health is worth it. Plus I am not going to eat fast food as much anymore.....and I am ashamed to admit that will save quite a bit of moola.

Here is a great website to check it out: it is Nina Planck page and it is great information that I think everyone should know.

Happy low carbing!!!


iheartchocolate said...

I love making jewelry too and totally am envious of the organizers!!

I just can't get into figuring out how to cook low carb. I don't have the resources at my local wal-mart which is the only place to buy food around here. They don't have almond meal and they *stuff* I need to be creative. Plus I am unable to be creative. Just can't. I am so bored with what I eat, it's not even funny. I know I had better make some changes or I will never be able to maintain this.

Good for you for caring about your health. I am just not disciplined enough to be as attentive.