Thursday, July 3, 2008

ER rooms are my favorite

Yeah, So this year I have visited the ER more times than I have cared too. Just recently a glass cup I was washing decided to cut me (in two places) and I had to have six stitches...... This of course happened while my honey was at work and in the 11:30pm. I was trying to tidy up, and look what it got me!

On the low carb front I am giving myself a one week low carb challenge. Sticking to low carb has been very hard for me to do (this time around) I have been a "success" story before.....(then I ate carbs again) The first time I was on low carb. I was so there. Carbs did not temp me whatsoever. I was invincible against those pesky carbs, and my slimmer silhouette definitely showed it. I looked damn good.

Fast forward to now I gained a lot back due to years of non low carb eating......I am feeling damn awful, and I blame the carbs! Thankfully, I managed to keep constant weight hovering as of January, before then my weight was increasing at an alarming rate. I gained a few of the pounds back I lost since January but nothing too terrible. But hey I am human, and humans are by far perfect. But we do have the amazing ability to rise back up and try again. I am going to do just that.

So I am starting fresh and I am going for the long haul and my lose over 100 pounds. I know it will be a struggle against carbs and no carbs. But I made up my mind that I was tired of feeling horrible.

Plan of attack goes like this......I have joined a gym, and I will go at least three times a week (starting off slow) I will eat 20 carbs net or less a day (back to induction!) I will drink my water and take my vitamins. I will do a weekly check in (no excuses) on my blog and on You Tube (look for me, my name is cc1sillygoose)

No more excuse, no more stress eating, no more wishing I was healthier. I just gotta do it!

For everyone struggling out there. I defin feel your pain. But we can sooooooo do this, and I invite you all to do a week low carb challenge with me. I want to know how you all are doing living the low carb lifestyle!


iheartchocolate said...

Not good girl, not good. It has taken a week for me to get back into ketosis after having a mad cheating session. I quit smoking, so obviously I wanted to turn to my old friends, cookie and pop tart. Yeah, gained 5 lbs!!!

cc1sillygoose said...

I feel your can be a struggle sometimes....but we can do this!!!

Teresa Helton said...

I am so proud of you !!! You can do it!!

iheartchocolate said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! That is cuh-razy!! I hope it is wonderful for you. I turned 30 last year so totally know how hard it is for a girl!