Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good friends & new jobs....not quite so low carb

I had a dear friend of mine come visit the last five days and it has been fun! I had three days off work, but feel as I have been on the go....which I have been :) On these days my friend came to visit I ate out...a lot, and made some not so legal low carb food. But I am not sweating it. I have upped my carbs considerably. I have added a bit of whole grains ex. California protein bread. I have added some fruit and I have added yogurt. So far I lost 2 pounds. Not to shabby. Plus the jeans I bought 3 weeks ago are now falling off!!!! It may take awhile but I want to wear my size 14 pants!

I have some good news to share. My honey bear aka fiancé has a new job and this new job is full time and pays much better than old job. Even better news is this job comes with some free cable....I have been cable deprived for a year. I know cable is not a necessity but some times it is just so nice to come home and wrap myself up with my comfy blanket and stretch out on the couch and just "veg out". I would be happy to just have a whole week of veggin out (horrible but true)

So my plan for low carbness, and life is to keep an eye on the carbs and eat clean.


iheartchocolate said...

Congratulations on your fiance's new job, that is simply wonderful!

2 pounds, that is fantastic! If I eat carbs at all, I just want more..and more and more! This is the hardest thing I have done, but it's worth it. Daily struggle though. Daily.

I wish you all the best!