Monday, October 20, 2008

I really am losing it...and not in the good way

Meh. Meh. Meh. Yeah that sums it up pretty much for yeah low carb is kicking my ass. I do not like my ass kicked. I am still looking at carbs, but I am not going to worry about it so much. I am a consistent yo yo dieter, and a not so consistent low carb dieter. Sorry if I sound whiny.But I am whiny so there. Mer.

Ok had to take my grump self out of the room to talk to myself. I am much better now *sarcastic grin, (that can not been seen by others)* Really I am better.

So I need to change the title to my blog. It needs to read....CC is losin it. Cause I am. I am sick and tired of diets. I am sick and tired of worrying what goes into my mouth. I am going to rebel, the problem is I really can't.

I went to the Drs recently and she told me..."all your symptoms would go away if you lost weight". Yay. That sentence seems so nice and simple. But it is not simple. I have been dieting on and off for years. First diet when I was 14. The lowest weight I ever been was freshman year of high school. I was a nice 160 and thought I was fat. Nice. I would take that bod again anytime.

Anyhooo....Dr told me to lose weight. She then said something I never heard uttered from a Drs lips before. Have you ever considered a gastric bypass.........I swear my heart sank. No I never considered it and yeah it is drastic. So I am really torn now. The truth is I am now considering it, out of fear. I just turned 30 and my health has gone down hill. What is up with that?

The funny thing is my symptoms make it hard for me to work out, or actually have the energy to work out. So yeah. That and my pinkie is crooked and she was a lil worried about that and now I have to go to a neurologist. I am not sure what she thinks it is. I guess only time will tell.

I forgot to mention the Dr I have now is a new Dr and she is wonderful. Granted I only seen her once so far, I like her. She was recommended by my future mama in law, and I am so happy to have her as a Dr. She is competent, nice, yet straight forward. I really like that in a person. plan...I will not see DR for awhile (a referral to said neurologist will take at least a month, I know a month!) and I am making a last ditch effort to lose some weight. If I can really do this on my own (for reals) and keep it up...I will not have to be cut up. So I have a plan of attack.....but it shall remain a secret. Just testing my body.........hoping what I do will work...I am trying it for two weeks and if all is well I will share.


iheartchocolate said...

I am so sorry for this trouble. I know, it's hard, any way you do it. I chose low carb, only because it was the easiest way to do it ..for me. Doesn't mean it's easy, and doesn't mean it's the best way for anyone else. I hate that your health is hurting. I will say this, a friend-blogger has had the surgery and it was a success. She said it took a few years of battling her insurance co before they would cover it. Her page is..
I wish you health and peace.