Saturday, January 17, 2009

The catch......

Today I heard the clunk of the postman dropping off our mail. I waited for a minute than ran to the mailbox. I got my paperwork from from my Insurance company. It was the packet the case manager nurse told me I would receive. is the waiting period. The packet tries to remain objective in tone.... but is really not at all. They kinda scare you with putting more information about the risks of surgery than the benefits. Go figure. Actually on second look there is no benefits of surgery mentioned. Fancy that.

I was excused from seeing the physical therapist for a work out regime. As I told the nurse case manger I was working out 30 min a day three times a week using wii fit and using the biggest losers workout DVD's. What I did not tell her is I have not been doing that lately......Pain makes it hard to move. But I will resume my plan ASAP. Again Tylenol is my friend.

So there are two things (hoops) I must do, first is to go see a psych and have her talk with me. It states I will have a few sessions with her to be able to know me well enough to make her evaluation on my WLS. Yet in the same sentence it states her determination with go to the surgeon and is only a consideration. Hmmmmm.....ok. Oh yeah each visit is a $20 copay...even if my insurance card sates I only have $10 copay....humph. I am on a very tight budget due to being on disability. So yeah....a little miffed but I know I shouldn't be....just need to tweak my budget around.

Second....I must go see a nutritionist. I see her for three visits/ evaluate my food and fun stuff like that. Then after those three visits I have three more visits (when she feels I am ready) These will be group classes to help me with issues, foods, and supplements regarding weigh loss surgery. Cool.

This is the waiting it takes three to six months to get a surgery date according to my nurse case manager. I am aiming for it to take only four months.I would love having the surgery in mid may. That would be the best time for me as school is out and it would be easier for my job to get coverage, and easier for me to take some time off. Plus this will allow me to save some $$$ for the surgery. I not sure how much it will cost me in total. But thank goodness for my tax return. That is all going to my WLS fund...hmmmm...well maybe I will take $60 to get me something pretty :)

Thanks for listening to me. It actually helps me to blog about all this.......therapeutic really!

So I hope everyone is well and healthy. God bless!


iheartchocolate said...

Inusrance red tape is terrible. Sorry you have to deal with all that stuff...but so glad for your opportunity! I am just glad they even cover part of the surgery. Best of luck with this waiting process!

kimmyk said...

I remember all this. (I was so frustrated with the hoops they wanted me to jump through, but you gotta do and push through it cause at the end of the just puts you one step closer to your ultimate goal!!!)

I am so excited for you though!!! I shortened my time and you probably can too. Just stay on top of them...and don't give up. You are so close girl!!

How exciting!!! Think of it this way-the money you fork out now for copays etc will eventually save you in the long run cause a meal with actually be two in the costs will be so down. Money in your pocket...

Keep your chin up!

T said...

Cecilia: It's been a long time girl!! And apparently there's a lot going on in your world!! Sorry to hear about the pain in your fingers...the benign whosiwhatsit!! Doesn't sound that BENIGN to me!!! Wow! And WLS!! I've thought about that a few times myself but I'm not good with the whole "surgery" part! I've had one major surgery in my life so far and I'm through with that stuff! I hope all goes well for you and I will check your blog to keep an eye on you! I'm back eating healthier again (not low carbing but just a combination of good carbs/good fats/lean meats and lots of fruits and veggies) AND I'm training for a TRIATHALON!! So, should be interesting! Oh and just bought a house with the BF!!! Anyway, I don't want to mark up your blog with my business but just wanted to say HI and I miss you! Tell everyone I said HELLO!!!-Tesia

cc1sillygoose said...

OMG Tesia!!!!! I need to e-mail you...Happy you found me in blog land!!!