Friday, January 30, 2009

If pain is weakness leaving the body....then I must have had a bank of weakness somewhere in here!

It is four am and I can not sleep. I am in pain….so very restless….but I refuse to pop any more Tylenol. I am also having a horrible case of acid reflux (burn baby burn) it sucks. Plus I am a lil stressed. I am going back to work after three months on disability. It is a bit nerve racking/ exciting…like the first day in a new school. I miss everyone, yet I know the first day for me will be a bit awkward. I just hope I can make it through the day without being into much pain.

I know now what I have Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome type III. I am happy to have a diagnosis…..but not sure what this condition will leave me. I want to be pain free. I just want to have one day in my life that I wake up and just feel good. Sorry I am being such a bummer. I just am a bit fed up with my body.

So on to other life things…I will try to refrain from the pity party I want to have…lol I am still dealing with WLS stuff. The psych visit went very well, and she is clearing me for surgery…wooo hooo…now the next hurdle is to see the nut. I am seeing said nut on the 4th so wish me luck. Then on the 23rd of Feb I have my tummy scope…which got postponed (I was supposed to have it Jan 26th), because my insurance would not cover it until I saw the nut. I also had a sleep study done…and I think all I need after the nut, and tummy scope…is a gallbladder check through. I hope I can have my WLS soon. I am hoping it makes some difference in my pain level. Less weight on joints=less pain? This inquiring mind would like to know.

On a totally random note…thank God for Tax time…I need me some money back! I actually did my taxes already and I am a happy camper. I should really save this $$$ but I think I may purchase a recliner that massages (my back would be eternally grateful) The rest will pay a bill or two, and the rest of that will go into savings……I think my savings account has cobwebs.


elise said...

Hi Cc,
Hope you are feeling better today! You will have good days and not so good days. What has helped me most is keeping my pain under control and working with a PT who understands stability for us hypermobile types.

Ask your surgeon about neck position during surgery. Most of us end up with bad neck problems after surgery due to the need to hyperextend the neck for a period of time for tubing, etc. It is critical to keep your neck as stable as possible.

I got one of these portable chair massagers and it helps.
I love the whole body massage chairs and the ones that also squeeze your calves but too expensive for me.

Hang in there,

iheartchocolate said...

Mine has cobwebs too!

Glad things are at least progressing. I pray insurance covers most. Sorry you are going back, it's tough when it's been a while. I had been at home for 3 years! I was mortified, but you know what? It turned out just fine. So will you.

I know, with less weight, I have such little general pain whereas when I was at 250, I ached and ached everywhere. My hip popped and clicked and my back hurt so much all the time. I didn't have any kind of condition, but I wanted to share that when I lost the pains of every day vanished! Now, when I carry my kids upstairs, I cannot believe I had more than twice their weight on the same knees! I can barely carry them up there!

Anyway, I wish you the best, always.