Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More WLS hoops and back to work and then get hurt again.

So I had a visit with the nut. I live in a small town.....made so apparent when the nut was my Community College teacher for health class….I got an A- in her class. So we had a mini reunion. I had taken her class in 2006 or 2007…can’t remember. But it was a great class and I learned a lot. I am a self read health nut…yet still am obese. Go figure. It was good to have a class/ meeting with her (my nut) and we are meeting again in a month.

It seems so long a whole month…but will go by very quickly. After that I will be given the OK to start taking the WLS nutrition group classes. She told me I was already ready for that, but to keep to policy that I need to meet with her at least one more time before I delve into WLS classes. Whew….I did not realize the hoops/ red tape I would have to go through to get WLS. I knew it would be a process. But as it is looking….I won’t be able to start taking classes til April, and they only offer them twice a month (the two I need to take) and then after that I can start getting down to business and perhaps get a surgery date….I am thinking sometime by May…..or so I hope. Ahhhh appointments…….

On Wed Feb 11th I will be at the Sleep study center. Soooo…I know I should call my Dr and find out why I am being sent there. I had a at home sleep test done…and I am worried that maybe something showed up and therefore I need to go to the sleep study lab. I should call…

I started work again on Feb 3rd (after being off on disability…I have ehlers danlos syndrome, finally diagnosed) and work has kept me super busy and making me super tired. I am happy to be back. It is nice to have a routine. I am happy to see my co-workers and students. It is just taking some time for my body to get used to the daily wind and grind as I work in a pretty busy office.

I actually ended up straining my thigh muscle on Feb 5th, and it happened when I was walking up the stairs to the fax and copier machine (that is were they keep them at work) It happened late in the day so I took some Tylenol and hoped the pain would pass. The pain did not pass…..by the time I got home I was limping. The pain turned into a burning throb…so odd. Nothing I have ever experienced. My right thigh was bruised and swollen. So on my first week I ended up hurting myself. Urgh. I am all better now, and my work is getting me a copier and fax machine for me downstairs…… I am thankful for small miracles :) Hope everyone is doing well…..and happy Tuesday.


iheartchocolate said...

Sorry you got hurt. It is so tough getting back into a work routine. When I started working before Christmas, after being home for 2 years with the kids-I thought I'd die before my 5 hour shift was up. You don't get a break or to sit down and my back was broken feeling every single night. It takes adjusting to it, that's for sure. Good luck with you WLS scheduling. I hope all goes quickly!

Bedse Caves said...

You said you are better now. And I hope you get the best with the hurt :)