Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh Boy!

On the WLS front all is in a state of calm. No surgery date yet…but I met my nut and that went well. I have another meeting with her beginning March and after that I can take the two life skill WLS classes (more nut info) then the big show: Surgery.

I have to admit I am scared, but ultimately excited.

More news…I am supposed to have a tummy scope done this Monday. I called my Dr Office and asked about it because I never received any paperwork…as tummy scope #1 was not approved by my insurance (I got that paperwork). So I am worried it will not be approved again….but we will see…..either way I have Monday off from work, which right now will be nice as I have been fighting a cold since last Thursday. Stupid cold. I hate my cold’s guts!

Here is a quick time line of events for my first month back at work. First week back….was good so very tired and on the Thursday of that week. I walk up the stairs feel a sharp pain….and end up at urgent care that evening with a severe muscle strain. At least that what they told me I had. Week two (back at work)…recovery from week one shenanigans. Week Three get a Typhoid Mary type cold and I am still to this day miserable. I better have an amazing fourth week back! Lol The truth is if I can get this cold under control I would be so very happy and thankful.

Oh….yes more news. The sleep study I did is now taken a form of its own….turns out I need a cpap machine my Dr is referring me to a pulmonologist …I am a proud owner of yet another condition….I have sleep apnea. No applause is necessary…I thank genetics and oh….the 130 extra pounds my frame carries. Yay me!

On that note folks…I wish you all the best and I will continue with my WLS saga as it continues…….


elise said...

Hi sweetie,
Colds suck! Hope you feel better soon.
Sleep apnea is very common in EDS due to our floppy tissues - jaw displaces, throat muscles sag, tonsils go limp, etc. The weight issue doesn't help, but that's not all of it. Did the sleep doc say anything about the depth of your sleep? Seems "we" don't stay in the deepest part of sleep as long as needed to recharge the battery.
May your 4th week be more engaging and less deranging than previous weeks. ;)

iheartchocolate said...

I worked for pulm specs for a while. Seems it was way more common than I had any idea of! I wish you well. Things will settle down soon. Once you get the date pinned down, you'll finally have some relief I bet.

The good thing about the sleep apnea is that that diagnosis may help your ins co pay for the surgery.

iheartchocolate said...

how are you??