Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Count Down ...............

Today I woke up bleary eyed. I am already changing my habits....I have given up caffeine. My dearest friend coffee and I have parted ways a few weeks back. At first I was having horrible headaches due to withdrawal. I got cranky I got bitchy.....yeah...was not a pretty week. But I am all better now....just wake up tired.

I also have given up another I have been on a post operative diet of optifast shake and bars. Expensive lil buggers and honestly I feel worst after I drink them at times. Go figure. But Since Friday May 15th I have not had anything but shakes and one bar a day. I have already lost 8 it's working. The reason the DR requires this is so you have a fast weight loss which it helps shrink the liver, thus making it easier for the DR to get into my insides.

So I had my pre-op appointment at the hospital today. Is it just me? Or the big, huge, hospitals intimidating.....half the time I do not know where I am going...but I follow the directions and I make it there some how. I got my blood work done and a urine sample. I had already had my EKG and x-rays done so no need for that. The nurse was very nice and cheery so it calmed my already frazzled nerves. I have surgery in six days!!! SIX......

I have gotten stocked up on protein shakes and vitamins. I got a scale and I got a magic bullet (which I love!) I have my scaled down utensils and juices. I have bought the required list of foods I could have. Plus I got my self some ABBA skin line just to feel pretty and take care of my skin. I bought their coconut body cream and I am going to religiously apply lotion as to help my skin stay tight....will it work? I am not sure but I am really going to give it a try. Let you know in six months how my skin issue is/ or may not be :)

So the other day I was at work. I have only told maybe a handful of people about my surgery. I am not a very private person (obviously) But I am just uncomfortable letting people know right now. I guess I really want to not hear the negative bullshit people like to spew out....will negative people that is....

Well we have a newish person in our office. She is very private that she wont give out her cell number to the office nor her birthday. She is an abrupt/ moody person and is the type of person that does things their way without any thought or consideration. As you can tell she bothers me a bit. I don't really care for her. I just mind my own business and do my own work. One of those situations.

Well in yesterdays staff meeting I announce that I am have a procedure done and that I would be out of the office for a month. She later comes to me and ask why I did not go to the staff luncheon (all the while being friendly and bubbly)I told her it was due to the fact that I am in a liquid diet and the luncheon would just be pure torture for I skipped out. She precedes to ask what type of liquid I was consuming. I did not think and just showed her the envelope I was about to is optifast brand and then in bold letters it says weight loss.

At this point I am kicking myself....She then goes into a spew of how those things don't work in the long term...blah, blah, blah....then she gets in to gastric surgery, and this lady knows nothing about it...I mean nothing!

She said a gal she worked with had it done and she lost the weight...looked better but then started to be able to eat half a mcdonalds cheeseburger and small baby coke. I told her will yes that was normal that her friends stomach/ pouch will stretch that the very restrictive phase is only the first six months...I also said the choice of food is not great.

Then she tells me about a celebrity that done this WLS surgery and gained back her weight and how it didn't work. I just smiled tightly and nodded. She then goes on to say that if someone with weight loss surgery ate broccoli it will come out looking like broccoli in the end..(poop) I looked at her puzzled and that is when I said...I don't think that would be possible as if they did not chew they would have gotten it stuck and need emergency surgery to remove said item. That is when she stopped and asked is that the procedure you are having done? I can't lie...oh how I wish I was able to deceive at times...but I am way to honest and truthful, and my parents instilled the importance of telling the truth. So I just nodded my head with a tight smile. The conversation ended abruptly, as another co-worker standing near by heard my response.

So most everyone will know. I don't mind...but at the same time I wanted to let others know on my terms. I am just that way. So yeah that left a sour taste in my mouth but is not changing my mind. I am going to have weight loss surgery in six days.


iheartchocolate said...


You'll just have a great time proving her wrong! Don't worry about what others are thinking, who cares.
I wish you much success with your surgery and loss! :)