Sunday, June 21, 2009

ER/ Hospital Stay

So....the vomiting was getting old fast. On Friday I called my DR office. Was told to not do purred foods and to just stick with liquids. I did just that.....then water would not stay down. I called my DR office a panic. The last few days I was not getting enough water and protein in and vomiting way to much.

I was told to go to the ER. I did just that. A whole lota people must have gotten the same memo....cause the ER was so room to sit down!!! I waited hours and hours. I finally got some help, and a lot of test, x-rays, barium test, and cat scan. Turns out my pouch had a blockage. Also know in the medical community as a stricture. From what I have read on-line and Obesity, a stricture is a narrowing of the connection and is caused by scar tissue. Its something that we can't do anything about. My body over healed!

I was admitted into the hospital stayed over night and next day in the afternoon had my stricture dilated by endoscopy. They use a tool called a balloon and it inflates and makes an opening wider...before this point I had a pin hole opening! Reason for felling so lousy nothing was going past my pouch.

I am better now *knock on wood*


iheartchocolate said...

wowee girl! Glad you are better. Stay on top of your health, since apparently, no one else is ever going to!

Anonymous said...

when i get back you will never be sick again hard work out and training will make everything right