Friday, June 19, 2009

OH NO!!!

So I have started on my purred food...lets just say it has been hard. The two times I tried purred food I have vomited. Wed eve I had two bites of mashed was horrible. Felt like I had a rock in my stomach. It hurt so bad. I ended up vomiting three times. I took it easy all day today Thurs.

So when dinner time came. I purred some chicken (gross I know) took a few bites, followed all the rny rules. Chew,chew,chew....wait two minutes before the next bite. I had the worst eve ever!!! I vomited six times and I have a very sore throat and pouch. Felt like I had an elephant on my chest! I am not sure what is going on. I can get my liquid in.....but solids seem to cause me to yak. I hate yakking.

Up to this point I was doing well. I started to do low impact aerobics until I hurt myself, and my Dr told me just to walk from now on. I was doing great on liquids.....But now am scarred to eat purred foods...let alone solids.

Going to call the Dr. tomorrow.....not sure what the heck is going on....Keep you posted...until then liquids all the way!


Trigger said...

You've thrown up? UGH!! I can't image having that surgery. Do you feel like a baby having to work your way up to solid foods again? Hang in there

iheartchocolate said...

So sorry you are having trouble! I hope things go well from now on and the doc gives you some good advice!