Monday, July 13, 2009

An odd place to be....

It is the longest Monday ever. I am at work and it is so slow. I am tired to boot. Good news….my stall is finally broken. I went on the scale today and am down -1.6. I am happy with this…my body is still getting used to everything and lately I have been working out a lot more.

I still need to remember that I have a small pouch. Over the weekend I went to a movie and drank a lot of water. I waited for 25 min and then had my lunch. I must have not waited long enough or eaten to fast…cause up it came. I really hate that.

I am still having an issue with protein…I seem to not be able to eat enough…I made it to 60 grams 3 out of the 7 days and I only had two days that I was at 40grams. It is hard to eat your protein when you are full!

Some days I feel normal and other days I am in shock that I actually had WLS. I am still finding my footing in all this newness. I am a product of my up bringing and want my weight to fall off now. This is an odd place to be. I am smaller and all my clothes fit awkward. I am in between sizes so buying new clothes is a waste. I am relying on stretchy pants to carry me to size 16, as I am hovering awkwardly at an 18/16…18 to big (just by a bit) and 16 way to small still. I am just starting week 8. So after this week I will be 2 months post op. It is flying by.


iheartchocolate said...

Glad you are over your stall! Keep your chin UP!

~Oct said...

Grats on breaking the stall and making it two months post op!