Sunday, November 29, 2009

6 months!!!

It has been 6 months since I got weight loss surgery! Irony is having your six months date be on thanksgiving. Just proof that God has a good sense of humor! In total from my highest weight I lost 90 pounds!!!!!! It is crazy to think that just six months earlier I was 90 pounds more! What a difference six months make.

I am blessed to have had great family and friends to help me through all this. Their encouragement and praise always lifted my spirits. I am thankful as well that I had an excellent surgeon and that he and his “crew” keep a watch out for me. I feel my health is in excellent hands….and I know if I had not had this surgery, my life would be closer to misery than happiness.

Before surgery I was out on medical disability. I have EDS which wreaks havoc on my body (still does) But at 90 pounds heavier on wobbly joints= lots and lots of pain! I am still in pain and discomfort…and I am seeing a hand physical therapist and getting splints made for a few of my fingers. Crooked little suckers that they are! But the techniques and exercises that the PT gave me are helpful and working!

I also had my six month blood work done and everything looks normal. Only problem is I am deficient in vitamin D ….but I live where the sun don’t shine….so it is pretty normal to be deficient in this. Nonetheless I am going to supplement with a good vitamin D.

All in all life is great. I mean health wise I still have some issues (pain management) But I try to push through that and work out. At the moment I have a cold, but it is ok. But all in all WLS R-NY has given me a new lease on life. Not only am I 90 pounds down I wear size 14 pants compared to the 24/26 I wore. I also now am in a Extra large top…….compare to 3X/4X tops. WOW!

As much as I used to be opposed to WLS as much as I waited till things got “really bad” to actually go through surgery. Only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. But I live and I learn, and I'm so grateful to be given the chance to live again.


Trish said...

Wow! Congrats! I have EDS also. And all my issues seems to have kicked into high gear once I passed the 200 lb mark... My doc is not for weight loss surgery... She wants me to do it "the right way" and the more I try, the harder I get. With these hips, exercising is out of the question... I am encouraged by your story. I kind of wish I could convince her...

cassandra said...

Nice.. this is wonderful to hear.. i was gonna call you and see how things were going BUT my kids broke ( yes literally broke( my house phone with your number in it! So I need your number again. you are amazing lady!!!

Trigger said...

Hell yeah keep it!! P.S. YO FACE!!!!