Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stalls & Gains: Not trusting my body: Breaking the cycle!

I have not been able to trust my body lately. I have been sad, frustrated, and obsessing.. I have been having weight loss anxiety. I know my WLS has been working. I am 90 pounds down….. Yet, Nov- to now: I have stalled, gained…and had the slowest weight loss possible.

I know, I know…I should not complain. I am thankful for every pound lost. So I have tried not to stress….but this past month and a half has been a S-l-o-w weight loss. Painfully slow. I stuck through it, even after a pound of weight gain.

So I did what any stalling/gaining WLS person would do…I researched it on the internet. I went on Obesity Help and lurked. Yes I am a lurker….I like to read and get info and rarely do I post. I am not sure why I just lurk, I guess I just feel comfortable that way. I also goggled WLS stalls and I got a ton of info…..

Here are the main things I learned about how to break a stall…and people it works! Because this morning I went on the scale and after being 207 forever and then gaining a pound and being 208 for even longer I weighed in at 206.

The four main things to do:

1st Up your protein! Try to get as much protein you can I know the minimum is 60 grams…but I found when I upped my protein to 80-100 weight loss happened! No joke.

2nd Move your booty. Get up and move, and if you are doing this….vary your workout routine or add more time to your workout. Whatever you have been doing add more of it & do something different once in awhile.

3rd Drink your water. Water is very important to the body, it hydrates, it helps detoxify. One fact to remember your body is approximately 65-70% of total water.

4th Keep track of what you are eating and make sure you are giving you body enough calories. Our bodies are a funny/amazing thing! You body will hold onto weight if it thinks you are starving it. One day this week I ate way more calories than I feel comfortable sharing (1,500). I am still not sure how it happened. It just did it. When I tracked and inputted what I ate I about had a mini stroke. I have a fear of even going over 1,200 calories. Most days I only eat to 1000 calories My nut gave me nutritional guidelines that I follow like the law. 1,200 calories max, 60-100 grams of protein and up to 120 carbs. Imagine my shock when I tracked my foods to find out it came to 1,500!!! I have not eaten that much since WLS. My body was hungry. I knew I ate more than usual that day but I was sure I stayed within my guidelines! Shocking I know! Funny thing is after this day a few days later (today) I got on the scale and boom down two pounds!!! Hallelujah!!!!

With that folks I broke my stall.I am hoping this weight loss will continue and perhaps speed up a bit. My X-Mass wish is to be in onederland. Keep you posted!

Wishing everyone a happy holidays and a Great New year!!!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I think that "move your booty" one is the key to the kingdom. But more than just move it, you really need to constantly reevaluate and push yourself to do a little more, a little longer. Plateaus suck, but busting through them can be done. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...