Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life as I know it.

I want to be more positive in life. Although at times I feel life has handed me a lemon barrel, I will make some sweet, sugar free lemonade. I have been gone for quite awhile..... A lot has happened and changed and I felt like a tumbling weed!
Though I needed to blog I didn't. My lap top broke. But right now I am blogging from my iPod. So please excuse any typos or grammatical errors! :D

I been thinking a lot and life is what we make it. Though right now I can easily let stress, anxiousness take over... I take deep breaths and remind myself that it is all going to be ok. Maybe not today but soon. I also count my blessings instead of agonizing of what could have , or should have been. Trying to be more accepting and understanding with life and myself is a daily thing. I take each new day as it comes and I remind myself to be optimistic as we only get this one moment and we should celebrate life.
Ok here is a quick run down of my life now: I lost my job due to medical issues. I lost my insurance with the lost job. This has been the biggest thing that I have been dealing with. On a positive note my fiancé got a job and it has spectacular benifits and we are to be married soon! I too will someday have great benefits.... As long as my body can wait a few more months. Healthcare is expensive!

I have been maintaing my weight yet would like to lose the last twenty pounds. But not bad for someone who can't work out very much! Hoping to find some holistic vitamins to take to help my EDS. Unfortunately I still have problems with my eds pain and fatigue, but I am hoping that soon I can get more help with my medical issues. I am doing research and hope to try new medicines or techniques. What I am doing and taking now is not very helpful. But hey I am a work in progress and understanding my conditions and what works for me and my body will take time. I am definitley practicing patience!


Achelois said...

At 46 I am thankful that you have written this post. For it reminds me that it is important not to give up hope. My daughter aged nearly 21 struggles daily with the pain and fatigue of EDS as in all honesty do I. The hope in your post is inspiring as whilst you explain so well the experiments we go through in our quest for learning to live with our condition you are realistic, knowing that it is trial and error but prepared to try. Thats the thing isn't it to keep on trying. Thank you for posting, in a down moment when I cannot sleep you have reminded me that to lose hope, is not an option.

Appleshoe said...

sounds like you are headed in the right direction. I also have EDS. Life is what you make of it. Every case of EDS is different but here is what helps me Vitamin D. I take three pills of 5000 IU each a day. I swim/float a lot, and I am also going to be trying out some inexpensive ring splints I found on Etsy. They are in the mail, but I will do a post as soon as they arrive. Take care.