Saturday, January 26, 2008


So I was doing my weekend on-line reading of Livin the vida low carb, and saw that Jimmy gave me a shout out!!! Ok Jimmy is the celebrity of low carb. He has built a community of people that have many things in common, we all love reading his blog, listening to his shows, and watching his videos, and we all eat low carb diets, or are planning too. Not only are his posts inspirational and informational, they are funny. Jimmy just made my week by mentioning me!

You can check out his blog here:

Here is what Jimmy says about my blog " LOW-CARB AND LOSING IT...Excited only partially describes cc1sillygoose and her devotion to livin' la Vida low-carb. She's just plain nutty about it and doesn't mind that a bit in the world. Hilarious, honest, and straight to the point, you'll never have to wonder what's on this blogger's mind."

So yeah, I am happy and the funny thing is this motivates me more to become successful in my weight loss goal. I know low carb eating is the only way to go for weight loss, healthy living, and energy. So, Thanks again Jimmy, because it was your blog that inspired me to write my blog.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

~~~The Low carb blockers experiment~~~

Yes I know low carb blockers are not a "true" way to maintain a low carb diet. I try not to go off plan. But I am hormonal at the moment. So I tried them. I used ketosis sticks. Before I had my "cheat"meal I was at the dark purple, maximum ketosis. Then I took carb blockers and ate pizza. I tested myself again, I was at a moderate level of ketosis light purple. This morning I got up and tested myself again and I was at negative ketosis. So Low carb blockers are a stall tactic and really do not help.

Today I learned (yet again) that eating whole low carb foods is the best for my life style and weight loss.

So another small bump...but I am all better now!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Day two of sticking 100% to my low carb journey and so far so good. I already feel better and my energy is perking up. I have tried many recipes this weekend. I made low carb cheesecake fluff, macaroni salad and fried new favorites. I highly recommend Dana Carpender Low carb Book 500 more low carb recipes. It is awesome and I am so happy I have it. I defin can stick to low carb with all these wonderful great recipes.

What I made tonight for dinner was low carb fried "rice". It is sooooo good even my honey liked it and it helped my craving for Chinese food. It was delicious! Here is a link for a recipe
Low carb no bake cheesecake amazing..........I adapted a recipe and here it is:
1 pkg of Cream cheese 8oz
1 cup of whipping cream
4 tbsp of sugar free vanilla syrup
1 pk of 4 serving sugar free jello pudding (any flavor) I used cheesecake flavor
So what you do it whip the cream til it form soft peaks. Then add in cream cheese and the sugar free syrup, and sugar free jello pudding. Mix it all up and chill for a few hours. What you get is a very rich low carb dessert with 2 carbs per serving.
So I am feeling really happy about low far doing low carb (half way) resulted in 4 pounds I am doing a week straight of 20-30 grams net carb a day for a week then I will look at my Success!!!!