Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Perfect

I am not perfect and I am fine with that. I been going back through my food journals today and realized that habits are hard to change. It has taken me this long (3 weeks) to eat a low carb lifestyle, with only a few pitfalls. But in this 3 weeks with all my imperfections I still managed to lose 6 pounds and two inches off my waist (enter applause)

I have done low carb in the past and lost quite a bit.......I did my two week induction and I kept going strong even if it meant going hungry. I was a machine of will power and diligence. Fast forward to now, I am a few years older and a lot busier and I refuse to go hungry (I have done that to myself to many times) so if low carb food is not available I try to pick the least damaging item.........usually whole grains. I don't recommend not having any low carb options. Planning is key with low carb and well....any diet.

But as I was looking back at my food journal I realized that I am making progress. At first all I saw were the meals that I ate that made me go over in carbs. I was about to do the old guilt trip on myself. I was in the process of mentally beating myself up over the "mistakes" I had made in eating, when reason set in. I am not perfect. I am doing better than I was doing before eating low carb. I was gaining weight! Now I am losing weight, and even if it is a bit at a time I am losing weight. As much as I wish I was 100 pounds slimmer by morning, I know it does not work that way. It will take time, forgiving myself and loving myself and eating low carb consistently.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a Busy Day and I may lose my pants!

Oh my what a busy day I had. I went to work 8am-5pm (I am a lil worker bee) Work was busy because this is only the second week the University has been in session. So lots of students coming in. Whew! Then after work from 6-9pm I am taking a Access class (for work) I get comp time which means that some other day, or month I can get time off without using vacation. Yay! Access class was fun. I am familiar with that data base but it was limited to just entering info, now I can create! Muhahaha.......I love learning new things :)

Ok so with being so busy I drank way to much coffee and after class I did dishes made meatloaf and played with the cats. I do this pretty much on a regular basis but not usually after a three hour class.

On to low carb........I have tried a new recipe and it is Parmesan, sunflower crackers. I needed something to crunch on and dip. I made the batch and it was pretty simple. But I did not really care for the taste. I am not sure why. I mean I didn't hate it. I just did not like it very much. But the crunch was great. I took the crackers to work and had some co-workers try them and they really enjoyed them. I told them to tell me the truth and not spare my feelings. My student assistant did not like them, but then again she dislikes garlic and the crackers have garlic powder on them. This recipe I found in Dana Carpender 500 more low carb recipes. If you miss a crunch...I recommend this recipe.

Menu for today:

B= Coffee with sugar free caramel syrup+ a dash of half/half

L= Turkey wrap (low carb wrap and cream cheese and turkey

D= More coffee, Meat loaf and mashed cauliflower

I was browsing Wallgreens the other day and I cam across a wonderful find!!!! Sugar free Peeps for valentines day, and Sugar free sweethearts, both made with splenda ( I ADORE sweethearts) I bough six boxes of sweethearts and one package of peeps. The sweethearts were awesome. The peeps were good to but after I sucked the "sugary" stuff off them, I love the marshmallow part. I think next time I will wash off the "sugary" part. I am odd...but the sugared part (to me) had an odd texture. Could just be me :0)

All in all I am feeling great. I weight in at the end of the month, But right now I notice my pants getting looser and that just makes my day!