Thursday, March 6, 2008

Creepy carbs!!!

So I am re evaluating my low carb eating. I have major carb creep and the weight on the scale is not budging. I am not upset about this because my pants feel loser from week to week. So some good stuff is happening!

In my own defense I have started working out regularly and I know Dr. Oz says initially in introducing a work out routine the weight may increase or stay the same. So that is comforting.

Yet, I do have carb creep. I am netting about 40 carbs a day and I know this is playing a big part in stalling me. I know if I do 20 net I lose… seems anything more than 20 I stall on the weight loss. So my goals are 20 net carbs till the 14th and then checking my progress on the scale that day, and seeing if that does the trick. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Were does the time go?

I have been out of the loop for awhile and there is no excuse. Just life has gotten to busy. An excuse….maybe….but mostly true J

Anyhow, I am still staying strong with low carb. I have not gotten on the scale, as it frightens me. I am at the moment afraid of carb creep and I know I tend to go over a bit on carbs on the weekend…..and this last one was not any different. So I am going to do a weight in about two weeks lets say March14th. Perhaps Friday morning as that sounds good to me. I have been using Ketosis sticks and I have varied from purple to pink……hmmmmmm. I love the ketosis sticks because it feels like I am doing a science experience. Plus it is definitely positive reinforcement.

Lately I have been eating out a lot, and so far so good. Went to Applebee’s the other day with some good friends and I had salad, veggies and a 9oz steak…It was sooooo good and it hit the spot. I am not going to lie…I looked at the dessert menu. But that was it just looked and put it away. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant with a friend the next day and all I had was the beef stir fry. Oh so good……