Saturday, January 17, 2009

The catch......

Today I heard the clunk of the postman dropping off our mail. I waited for a minute than ran to the mailbox. I got my paperwork from from my Insurance company. It was the packet the case manager nurse told me I would receive. is the waiting period. The packet tries to remain objective in tone.... but is really not at all. They kinda scare you with putting more information about the risks of surgery than the benefits. Go figure. Actually on second look there is no benefits of surgery mentioned. Fancy that.

I was excused from seeing the physical therapist for a work out regime. As I told the nurse case manger I was working out 30 min a day three times a week using wii fit and using the biggest losers workout DVD's. What I did not tell her is I have not been doing that lately......Pain makes it hard to move. But I will resume my plan ASAP. Again Tylenol is my friend.

So there are two things (hoops) I must do, first is to go see a psych and have her talk with me. It states I will have a few sessions with her to be able to know me well enough to make her evaluation on my WLS. Yet in the same sentence it states her determination with go to the surgeon and is only a consideration. Hmmmmm.....ok. Oh yeah each visit is a $20 copay...even if my insurance card sates I only have $10 copay....humph. I am on a very tight budget due to being on disability. So yeah....a little miffed but I know I shouldn't be....just need to tweak my budget around.

Second....I must go see a nutritionist. I see her for three visits/ evaluate my food and fun stuff like that. Then after those three visits I have three more visits (when she feels I am ready) These will be group classes to help me with issues, foods, and supplements regarding weigh loss surgery. Cool.

This is the waiting it takes three to six months to get a surgery date according to my nurse case manager. I am aiming for it to take only four months.I would love having the surgery in mid may. That would be the best time for me as school is out and it would be easier for my job to get coverage, and easier for me to take some time off. Plus this will allow me to save some $$$ for the surgery. I not sure how much it will cost me in total. But thank goodness for my tax return. That is all going to my WLS fund...hmmmm...well maybe I will take $60 to get me something pretty :)

Thanks for listening to me. It actually helps me to blog about all this.......therapeutic really!

So I hope everyone is well and healthy. God bless!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When time flys............

More news!!!!

I got a call from my insurance company the other day and the nurse is sending me a packet of info and paperwork I need before I can get a WLS date. WOW!!! Things are just in hyper drive. She is scheduling a nutritional consult and a psych consult. I was told by my WLS coordinator that I have platinum insurance. That I would be taken care of very cool.Looks like I will be actually getting weight loss surgery! So far so good.

Today I went to get my EKG done and chest x-ray. I had the order in my hand and the only words that popped out at me were morbidly obese. So I got to stare at that sentence for ten minutes or more. I actually got a little bit teary. I mean when I look in the mirror I do not see what I am labeled as.....morbidly obese. I mean I know I am not skinny....but really morbidly obese? Yesh.

But that's why I am doing this WLS so someday I will see normal weight and normal BMI on my doctor charts......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I should have been in the circus!!!

I have been MIA, and that is my bad. So...*drum roll* I finally have a diagnosis on what going on with my hands and body,....and wouldn't you know it's hereditary...and wouldn't you know it can effect some people and make their lives miserable and other people it may not phase....(I am a lil bitter) I have Benign Hyper mobility joint syndrome. Yeah a syndrome....I now have two syndromes under my belt.......I have polycystic ovarian syndrome fondly known as PCOS and now the new syndrome. Joy!(SARCASM)

Here is some info that I got online about my new syndrome BHJS:

"What is benign hypermobility joint syndrome?

Benign hypermobility joint syndrome (BHJS) is a common source of joint or muscle complaints that often cause concern for parents, children and school personnel. Benign hypermobility describes looseness of joints that may be associated with daytime pain, nighttime awakening, or discomfort after exercise. Patients generally report multiple complaints of pain over a prolonged period. This type of general pain is often called, "growing pains," or "limb pains." Another commonly used term for BHJS is the benign type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome ("type 3").

"Limb pains" and BHJS can be quite similar, but are different disorders."

Here is the link:

So I am happy to know what is up with my body. I am excited to know really. But there is no cure. I have to just deal with the pain, and just go on living life with the help of Tylenol. But on the bright side I can do some cool movements I didn't know I could do........hehehe.....I may just join the circus.

So on to my next big step/event in my life weight loss surgery WLS, I had my consult on Thurs Jan 8th rather than Tues cause there was a minor mix up. Some how I was not put into the system....but the lady there corrected it very fast and I still got to have my consult that week (Thurs)

The consult was good. It was very informative and the Dr. Diamond is very nice and well informed. His people are friendly and kind. I am looking forward to working with them. I was pretty nervous at my consult, as this is a very big thing. Life changing. I was given a run down of the surgery. What I would need to do before I can get clearance for surgery.....and so on. I just took all this info in. I know I had the "deer in the headlights look" I just smiled and nodded and wished I had taken a notebook in to keep track of the information that was given to me.

I have many different doctor appointments to look forward to. I am excited and nervous and scared. WLS is a big thing to me. I always thought WLS was a last resort. So at thirty and even more over weight and with my health suffering as it has been for the last handful of months. I know losing the weight will help my body. Because as I keep gaining this weight I seem to get sicker and weaker. Any diet out there I pretty much tried and succeeded and then gained back the weight, or more. So yes....I am allowing someone to cut into me to help me. If anyone had asked me if I would ever do WLS when I was twenty, I would say no. When asked why I said no, I would say there is no way I would let anyone cut into me. Never say never....*sigh*

So at the Dr. I got my notebook on WLS and I read it that night and highlighted it in pink :) I swear I might as well just highlighted every sentence...cause I did that (just about). I have read my notebook twice. It is hard work getting WLS. Lots of restrictions, lots of planning, it will be a lot of work. I know this will be a valuable tool in helping me get healthy again.

Today Jan 13th I got a call from the bariatrics center and they are sending me an order to go get a EKG. I also have an appointment on Jan 26th so the Dr can get a good look at my tummy. He is going to do a scope of my tummy.....just to make sure there are no surprises in there. I will be put under for that. Then she told me she will call me back on getting my ultrasound for my gallbladder scheduled. WOW! This is going by quickly. I am not sure if it is a hurry up and wait situation, or not. I hope to get surgery soon.....yet am prepared to wait. The surgical coordinator says it can take 2 1/2 months to 4 months to get a surgery date.

Either way I am concentrating on being a pillar of optimism! Wish me luck everyone, and God bless.