Friday, January 30, 2009

If pain is weakness leaving the body....then I must have had a bank of weakness somewhere in here!

It is four am and I can not sleep. I am in pain….so very restless….but I refuse to pop any more Tylenol. I am also having a horrible case of acid reflux (burn baby burn) it sucks. Plus I am a lil stressed. I am going back to work after three months on disability. It is a bit nerve racking/ exciting…like the first day in a new school. I miss everyone, yet I know the first day for me will be a bit awkward. I just hope I can make it through the day without being into much pain.

I know now what I have Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome type III. I am happy to have a diagnosis…..but not sure what this condition will leave me. I want to be pain free. I just want to have one day in my life that I wake up and just feel good. Sorry I am being such a bummer. I just am a bit fed up with my body.

So on to other life things…I will try to refrain from the pity party I want to have…lol I am still dealing with WLS stuff. The psych visit went very well, and she is clearing me for surgery…wooo hooo…now the next hurdle is to see the nut. I am seeing said nut on the 4th so wish me luck. Then on the 23rd of Feb I have my tummy scope…which got postponed (I was supposed to have it Jan 26th), because my insurance would not cover it until I saw the nut. I also had a sleep study done…and I think all I need after the nut, and tummy scope…is a gallbladder check through. I hope I can have my WLS soon. I am hoping it makes some difference in my pain level. Less weight on joints=less pain? This inquiring mind would like to know.

On a totally random note…thank God for Tax time…I need me some money back! I actually did my taxes already and I am a happy camper. I should really save this $$$ but I think I may purchase a recliner that massages (my back would be eternally grateful) The rest will pay a bill or two, and the rest of that will go into savings……I think my savings account has cobwebs.