Friday, July 10, 2009

*Sigh* wipe dust off and get back up again.......

I am frustrated. I know I should not let the numbers on the scale rule me...but somedays it does break my resolve.I have been going down and up on the scale with the same two pounds!

So frustrating! I know my body is adjusting and I know I am doing *almost* everything right. I have been able to up my protein and water...but I know I need to up my protein even more. Currently I have been only taking 55 grams and nut says to take the minimum 60 grams...sigh. I have worked out everyday except Thursday..and I plan to work out more on the weekend. I am trying to kick arse here!

I keep a food journal, I measure and weight my food. I know it is just a stall, and will go away (soon I hope) I know I should not stress or worry about it. But even with all my knowledge I still have that lil voice in the back of my head that says "maybe this won't work either" I know that voice is full of it. I know this RNY is a valuable tool that will help me get to a healthy BMI. I am just adjusting to my new body, and my body is having a WTF! moment.

Ok I don't mean to rant. I really don't. I know I was blessed to even be able to have WLS... Though at times I act like an ungrateful child (I have moments when I curse my rny) I really am grateful.

I know this is just part of the process and journey. Hopefully soon my scale will budge.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Stall, baby, Stall

Yes it has happened I have stalled. Could it be because I am eating solid food? Could it be my woman time? What could it be???

Weight loss to date since surgery is 27 ish pounds all together 37 ish pounds (lost ten in post op diet)....not bad for 6 weeks!I think my body is just catching up.

I am not going to worry about this weeks stall to much. I am stalled. It will happen in this WLS journey. But I know I am shrinking. My underwear and pants are falling off. Walking around the track at work I kept hiking up my pants...I was afraid that they would just slide off. I literally have no real pants that fit! I am going to go buy some, but in a few weeks/ month won't need them. I am in between a 18/16.....16 is to tight in my tummy still and 18 fit oddly. My 22 pants fall off as I walk so those are out :) I don't mind having this dilemma at all.

How will I conquer my stall? So glad you asked :)I will make a plan to work out more...walking at lunch for 50 min all days this week, and add working out on Sat and Sun a day of rest...we all got to rest! I will make sure to get all my protein. So far I have averaged 40/50 grams and I really need to hit the 60grm mark, today I had 55 the rest of the week I will aim at 55/60.

I will keep a update on my weight loss. I have my weekly values...I need to add. Just in case anyone is curious.

So far I am doing great with my new pouchie tool. I am not a dumper...I tested myself...and found this out...which is good/bad. I am happy that I can have a bite of something sweet and not puke...but at the same time I know I need to manage more self control. Funny thing is a bite is all I really want. So not to much worry there.

Hope everyone is well! Have an amazing eve!