Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tacos gone bad.....

Wow, I have been plugging right along and have not updated my blog! I have been busy but that is not an excuse. Truth is my laptop was broke down....Yet, Things have been good. Got a mini HP laptop so I am now back on the web!!!

So I am 3 1/2 months out, and I am so happy! I have lost quite a bit of weight. I have stopped snoring...I can move my body...yet very much in pain due to EDS.....but less of me to move= happier joints!

Came back from my three month blood work results the other day, and all is great! My Dr is happy with the weight I have lost and my vitamins are at great Vitamin B is a bit high...but nothing to worry about.

I am so happy with my WLS...I do still have bad days....hence my tacos gone bad. I can eat carne asada tacos...they are so delicious! I love them and I can eat 3/4 of one no problems at all...well usually. The other day I had one of my tacos and it being a busy day I had not had any food til noon...(bad I know) I don't usually do that but I forgot my protein shake on my kitchen counter (yeah one of those days!) So I ate the taco to fast and did not chew, chew, chew, as well as I should have. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I spent the next few hours throwing up the taco. One small bit at a time. It felt stuck. It hurt, I was in pain, and I kept running to the bathroom. I was at I kept working acting as if nothing was wrong. SO finally at 4pm I stopped up chucking and went home at five. I laid in bed and fell asleep. I sleep til 7am the next morning! WOW! My poor body was exhausted.

Anyhow, today my pouch is back to happy, and I am back with energy!

Hope everyone is well, and remember to chew,chew,chew...and eat slow. :)