Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Journey Continues.....

So far so good. My journey is going well. I have had my ups and downs, but mostly ups! I am getting so close to onderland. I just want to be there! It is hard to imagine that not so long ago I was 81 pounds heavier. It is odd to put on a xl and have it fit. It is odd but almost unreal. The only times I really notice the difference is when I look at my monthly photos...WOW....then it hit me...This is working!!!

As an overweight person most of my life, everything I tried worked for a short while...and then bam...something would happen and the weight I fought so much to lose comes and creeps back up. Not this time!

As I get closer to a normal weight it amazes me how differently people treat me.....I am not used to it. The male attention.....makes me uncomfortable....and people just seem to be nicer. I didn't realize it before. I really was clueless. But there are people out there who are bias against fat people. I am still "fluffy" I am still 66 pounds over weight...but I am getting to my goal!