Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slow and Steady wins the race.....

UGH!!! Ugh I say!!! Ok whine time is over. I am finally in onederland!!!! Everyone give me a high five *hand up!* CHEERS!!!!

But my joy is also mixed with some fear and worry. I am losing slowly. I know stalls happen. I have done everything I know to break a stall. Which worked but I hate losing so slowly. It is dis-concerning.

I still got 44 pounds to go. I am working out three to five times a week...when my body permits me. I am going to the Dr tomorrow to help me with my EDS. I am tired of having this chronic condition...but it is something I need to deal with for the rest of my life. Pain level has upped very much. So seeing if doc can help me. I hate going to Doc. She is a awesome lady and all...but I hate dealing with my condition. It's like an old joke that won't go away. No matter if I ignore it. It is there causing me frustration and pain. Ok a bit of a downer post. I apologize for that....but it's how I am feeling right now.

On the bright side...I am getting closer to goal...even if I just inch myself slowly...I will get there! I will keep you all update about my Dr visit, and what comes of it :)